Legal notice


shop's name
TMPL Watch

World Co., Ltd.

Representative responsible
Ryotaro Suzuki 

151-0062 22-7 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Village World 1F 

phone number

mail address

Selling price
Please refer to each product page for the selling price.

Necessary charges other than the product price
We will apply the shipping fee of our designated shipping company.(Use Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express) 

Payment method and timing of payment
We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastar, American Express).
Payment by credit card will be confirmed at the time of ordering the item.

Delivery time of goods
We will ship within 3 business days from the next business day after your order.
The delivery note is not included from the viewpoint of handling personal information.

* Shipping operations will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
* Transportation may be delayed due to weather conditions such as heavy snow and typhoons.
For delays, please contact the shipping company using the slip number in the shipping notification email, or contact us.

Product delivery method
After arranging at our company, delivery by the shipping company.

About returns, defective products, and cancellations

  • Return deadline / conditions

Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns due to customer's convenience.

[Conditions for returns and exchanges]
1. 1. If the product is defective
2. 2. When a product different from the product ordered by the customer is delivered due to our negligence

If any of the above applies, please contact us by email within 3 days from the date of arrival of the item.
Or please contact us from CONTACT.We will accept your reply upon reply.
Please note that we will not be able to accept returns after this period.


  • Return shipping

Please forgive us if you wish to return the product for your convenience.
However, we will not be responsible for the replacement of defective products or the delivery of incorrect products.


  • Defective product
In the unlikely event that there is a defective product, we will check the stock status of our shop and replace it with a new one or an equivalent one.
Contact us by email within 3 days from the date of arrival of the item,Or please contact us from CONTACT.
Please note that after that, we will not be able to accept returns or exchange requests.