TMPL (temple) is
It is a watch brand that reproduces the watch design that has changed with the times.

"TMPL" comes from the English word TEMPLE, which means hall of fame, temple, or temple.
The long history of watches and their presenceInvolved inThe achievements of the people who came
We praised it and named it because we wanted to be like a hall where loved ones gather.
The shape, structure, and messenger of the historic temple invite us to a long time ago.
To make you feel more vivid now.

Wear the age.

It is also possible to know the global history of the wristwatch item itself.
We consider it a value and a way to enjoy watches.
To remind the world of the essence of watch design.
TMPL has a watch design that strongly reflects the times
By elaborately reviving it through Japanese manufacturing, we will shape the value of time.


Has been involved in the manufacture and repair of watches for many years in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture.
We would like to once again cheer up the watch industry in Nagano Prefecture and Japan.
And I want to pass on the technology, experience, and soul cultivated in Nagano to the next generation.
With that in mind, with Nan'an Seiko Co., Ltd., which manufactures watches.
We launched TMPL at CEKAI, which designs products.